Using the 001 and 099

Before using the 099 second stage/finish hand seamer the seam must be single locked with the 001 or 001C. Place the tool with 3/4 of the seamer on the seam. The tool has a spiral relief on each end. Leaving the tool hang off the edge ensures the beginning of the seam is single locked tightly.

Continue seaming the seam with the first stage tool. Once again, because of the relief, only advance the tool 3/4 of its length to overlap the seamed and unseamed sections.

Place the 099 on top of the seam. Use the thumb lever to open the hooks to clear the seam. Release the thumb lever to lock the seamer on top of the seam. The whole seamer should be on the seam so that both the front and back hooks are engaged.

This picture shows the hooks open because the thumb lever is being turned.

This picture shows the hooks closed over the single locked part of the seam.

Once the tool is locked on the seam rotate the pivot to complete the 180 degree bend.

This is what the seam will look like after the first double lock. Notice that due to the spiral relief on the tool the front of the seam is not completely double locked.

Use the center of the tool on the front of the seam to complete a tight double lock.

This is how the seam should look now. Approximately 16" of the seam has been single locked and 8" has been double locked. At this point the seam is prepared to be seamed with a power seamer or you can continue by hand.

As with the first stage tool, only advance the second stage tool 3/4 of its length. This overlap will ensure that the entire seam is tightly double locked.

The hook on the back (right endplate) of the seam will engage under the double locked section.

The hook on the front (left endplate) of the seam will engage under the single locked section.

Continue seaming...