UL Testing Explained

The reason why a machine manufacturer cannot provide UL90 (wind uplift) testing:

Machines are capable of forming any size, shape, length, etc. of roofing panels, made from all types of materials. Wind uplift tests are based on the strength of the attachment of the panel to the roof deck. Based on this information, every panel and every roof deck requires a different spacing and type of fastener, cleat, nail, screw, etc.

Therefore, tests must be performed by testing the roof assembly, not the panel. The panel is not the part that will fail in a wind uplift situation. It is the fastener and the placing of the fastener that will securely hold any type and shape panel safely in place.

It is clear that the machine manufacturer cannot give you a wind uplift guarantee on the variation of the panels that may be produced on that machine, since the manufacturer has no control over how many and which types of fasteners will be used in the final installation. If a roof failure occurs due to high winds, it is the connection between the roofing panel and the roof deck, not the panel causing the roof system to fail.

Wind uplift testing is solely the responsibility of the installing parties and the architects recommendations of cleat spacing and fasteners, along with other determining considerations (examples: height of building, slope of roof, shape of roof, width of panel, material of panel, type of deck, type of fasteners).

To acquire an Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) approval of a specific width, style or material of a roof panel, a 10'x10' actual roof section must be tested at a UL facility. UL headquarters are located in Northbrook, IL. Contact them at Tel: 847-272-8800 or by going to www.smacna.org and clicking on "certifications" to obtain information on what testing has been done to date that may be applicable for your roofing requirements.

Further information can also be obtained from the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioner Contractors' National Association (SMACNA) at
Tel: 703-803-2980 or visit www.smacna.org