Setting Up a Decoiler

Metal coils are frequently shipped standing up like the one shown on the right. Before the coil can be set on the Decoiler it must be on its side. If your coil is shipped already on its side then skip ahead to inserting the core into the coil.

To lay the coil sideways without crushing it requires a forklift and lifting strap. The strap should be fed under the skid, through a gap in the skid and up through the center of the coil, and through the other end of the strap. IMPORTANT: This "choker" is capable of supporting half of the strap's max. load. Also, to protect the strap from the sharp edges of the coil use a piece of cardboard, rag, etc. like in the picture.

Using a forklift, begin lifting the coil by the strap.

The coil will start to tip as it is lifted... that it can be set sideways by lowering the forks. Now you can remove the lifting strap and skid from the coil.

Now the coil can be lifted directly with the fork. But before lifting, the core should be inserted. On the ground is the easiest and safest place to insert the core.

Slide the core inside the coil and align it so that none of the "T"s (the parts that expand and touch the inside of the coil) will hit the fork.

Lift the core to a comfortable level. Use the nut to expand the core to a slightly snug fit.

The easiest way to put the core in the frame is to move the frame - not the whole forklift. Position the frame with one of the heads under each end of the shaft. Make sure that the brake arms are open.

Gently lower the core into the frame. The picture on the right shows how the ends of the shaft should sit in the heads.

Then the brake arm can be closed and the nut tightened down. This should only be finger tightened so that the shaft can spin in the frame. DO NOT use a hammer or extension to tighten/loosen decoiler nut.