Forming Roll and Shear Lubrication

Forming Rolls:

The forming rolls of the Panformer do not need any lubricant when working with materials like copper, aluminum or steel. The only time lubrication is recommended is when using galvanized or lead-coated materials to prevent buildup on the forming rolls.

Acceptable lubricants include Galv-offTM and teflon spray. Silicone spray is an inexpensive alternative that can be found in most auto parts stores. Do NOT use WD-40 or other water-displacement lubricants on the forming rolls of the Panformer.

If further lubrication is necessary, and material is in the machine, the lubricant should be applied to the material before entering the machine. Spray the coil at the edges of the metal, top and bottom, for a 10 foot section. This will continue to lubricate the rolls as the metal is drawn through the forming roll stations.


For basic lubrication and rust prevention it is recommended to use WD-40 or another water-displacement lubricant on the shear blades.