Ewald's Advice on Portable Rollforming

Portable Rollforming Equipment has found welcomed acceptance in today's thriving metal roofing industry. Many roofers find this equipment to be as as indispensable as a pair of 'snips'. In the past ten years, this type of machinery has matured and kept pace with today's demands. The renewed popularity of Standing Seam roofs is the direct product of new materials, architectural freedom, and cost-cutting effects of the rollforming and seaming equipment.

With the recognition of this equipment, we have to define its' place in the industry. . . It is not to replace existing types of metal systems or applications. This machinery is to be looked at as 'tools' to improve and facilitate the application of sheet metal. It is establishing its own share of the marketplace without taking from any of these other products! It would be false for a man to think that buying portable equipment would make him a metal roofer. But, a good metal roofer would surely benefit and improve his competitive edge on the market by owning equipment. The Double Lock Standing Seam System has been in existence since the year 500. It has established itself as the most reliable of the so called "Standing Seams."

This type has only been copied in its' looks, but never has it been reproduced as a snap-on or factory-finished system. The double lock standing seam has to be finish-formed on the roof.

1. Biggest savings in the use of rollforming equipment are seen in labor cost reduction. . . Amounts of 50% to 75% have been quoted by users according to job-layout and size.

2. The capability of running sheets from ridge to eave without lateral seams is now possible. . . saving on labor as well as material.

3. Produces clean, uniform looking job without sacrificing the hand-crafted quality.

4. Accepts and forms all commercially available material into a professional looking panel.

Looking ahead, we see further growth in metal roofing. We will see new uses and competition in the manufacturing field that will bring us even better equipment for the future.