Brake Forming a Double Hook Valley

Double Hook Valley

This is a completed double hook valley detail. The following illustrations and steps will describe how to form this detail on a brake.

Step 1 :

Place the roofing material on the brake with the colored side facing up. Bend the apron up 145° and release. Then open the clamp and slide the bend under and squeeze. Be sure to leave a gap for the cleat.

Step 2 :

This process should be repeated on the other side of the panel. Flip it around but leave the colored side up. Bend and squeeze this side as well.

The panel should now look like the image to the right.

Step 3 :

Remove the material and flip it over so that the hooks are facing down. Insert into the brake leaving 3" out from under the clamp. Bend up 105°.

Step 4 :

Flip the material again and place in brake leaving 1.5" between the previous bend and the nose of the clamp. Bend 145° and release.