Adjusting Seamer Height 1" or 1-1/2"

Seamer set for 1" seam

The ESE K9 Power Seamer comes from the factory set to do a 1" high standing seam. In order to use with a 1-1/2" high standing seam the outrigger legs located at the four corners of the seamer must be adjusted.

Seamer set for 1-1/2" seam

There are three threaded holes at each corner for positioning the legs. Remove each 1/4-20x5/8 screw and slide the leg down until the holes in the leg align with the bottom two holes. Then reinstall the bolts. When this is done at all four corners the seamer's height is now adjusted.

NOTE: Make sure that all four outrigger legs are set to the same position in order for the seamer to sit properly on the seam.